This past July I had the opportunity to go to the Stampin’ UP! convention with my bestest friend B.  I don’t know what was better, all the stampin’ or getting to spend three days and nights with my girly!  We live in different states and both have three littles so life is busy.  I got the sweetest card and gift in the mail from her today.  I will show that to you this weekend as I didn’t get a picture of it today.  This is us with Shelli G. the CEO of Stampin ‘ UP!!  Don’t you hate it when you think an outfit looks ok and then you look at pictures and you look completely washed out because the colors are all wrong for you?  Oh well!  It was so much fun and I can’t wait for next year!  Doves is off tomorrow so we are headed to the library for a Nancy Stewart concert for he boys and then to JoAnn’s for fabric because my oldest (6) decided he wanted to learn to sew today.  We are going make a pillowcase first.  (I was helping my SIL sew her curtains for little S’s nursery which is due in two weeks!)  it should be a fun outing and experience!  Have a wonderful night!



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