The Kindness Quilt

Tonight as we were putting the boys to bed one of the books we read was The Kindness Quilt.  It is a book we got at the library for the boys.  We have been going over the fruits of the spirit so I have been searching for books that relate to the topics of our weeks.  We hadn’t yet read this book until tonight.  I loved it and it totally got the point across to the boys!  They want to make their own kindness quilt which I hope in turn will only promote kindness in our home and to others!   We actually read three good books tonight. The first one we read was Hurty Feelings.  It was cute too.  I teaches how to graciously except compliments by saying thank you.  We practised after the we read.  I started and told the boy one great thing about themself and they were in turn suppose to say thank you back.  G – he is so helpful, C- so thoughtful and W -that he is starting to talk so well!  Then each of the boys was supposed to tell the other one a nice thing to and they were suppose to say thank you to each other.  At the end G says, “Oh wait Mommy, we need to tell you!”  (aww, he is so great!) So he said to me, you are as sweet as a flower.  🙂  They are growing up so fast!  Ok, I said three..the next was The Punctuation Station .  It was a little above the younger two but G was trying to get the point.  It is a great story to introduce punctuation in a fun way!  Just my two cents..We are starting week two of homeschooling and we start our excursion program the week.  I will post pics of that Wed.  We are off to a light house, ferry ride and beach combing!   Have a fun, God filled week!


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