Little S. Shower

Just snapped a couple pictures of the shower set up before everyone got there.  I didn’t get alot of the details on camera but oh well!  Everyone had a good time and Mommy got alot of nice things! Baby S. (my niece) should be coming in about a week!  Mommy is in my prayers for a safe and healthy delivery!  Can’t wait to get the call that she is born!  My Mom made the cake for the shower.  I gave her a picture from an old issue of Martha Stewart baby and said please make this but change, xyz and she had it happen for me!  Thanks Mom!  

How is your week going?  Tomorrow is our first day of excursion and everyone is excited!  I can’t forget to take a picture of Grant for his first excursion trip!  Got in some discussions today about why we are homeschooling.  What made you decide the route you took when education your children?  I will give my thoughts on this later!  I am finishing little teacher gifts for the three other teacher Grant will have this year.  What fun!  I feel like we are getting the best of both worlds!  

ETA: So after much thought and some reading I have come to the conclusion that my answer to this question will be…”this is what is right for our family right now.”  If someone really wants to discuss it I will but I think the answer is all that is needed.  Thoughts? 

Have peaceful dreams!


BTW:Yes, I did notice that the tablecloths were not the same height but by the time I saw it my wonderful DH had wiped off all the crystal plates and had set all the place settings.  It is one of those things that you just overlook because you are so thankful that he helped that you would never criticize how the job got done.  DH was amazing that whole weekend with the amount of help he gave me!  I am SOOO blessed that God gave me him for my everything!


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