So much to share…

but no time to post!  I am leaving tomorrow for Stampin’ UP! regionals in Portland with part of my team!  I am excited but of course have too much on my to-do list before I leave!  I will post when I get back! Have a great weekend!


Babies on the brain

When you are a Mom, (especially one who is homeschooling) it is important to have a good relationship with your children’s librarian!  We are so blessed to have Mrs. J at our local library.  She is super sweet and ultra helpful!  She had a baby recently and I made her these burp cloths that we will bring her for baby B!  I used the big shot scallop circle and the Serif essentials Alpha.  I think they are cute and useful!  Have a great day!

A couple more..

I couldn’t resist sharing a few more with you…

My sweet new niece..

Here is a little sneak peak…I got the privilege and honor to capture my sweet little niece today on camera.  She is a doll and we are so blessed to have her in our family!  I will love to edit the rest of the shoot!  A big thank you to J for watching my three rowdy littles during the shoot.  He tried a movie….but they ended up in the back yard building a fire in the fire pit!  They all (well probably not J) loved it!!!

18 more days…

to Halloween!  We had to figure that out today, how many more days Mom, how many more days?? My aunt and cousin always throw a fun Halloween party and that is what they are looking forward to the most!  Also, since I have two littles that can’t eat alot of the candy (food allergies) I set up a Mommy store.  What is a Mommy store you ask?  I buy back each piece of candy from them and then I set up a “store” in my office.  I price each thing in the store.  It is usually things from the dollar store or dollar spot at Target.  They can buy whatever they have the money for in the store!  They love it and I don’t feel so bad about being the food police!  Now, this year Will is not going to want to sell his candy back.  The boy is like a candy crack addict.  He LOVES candy.  He is my only one that will sneak candy… why is Mommy’s desk sticky?  Where is all the potty training candy….oh Will is hiding in the corner of the kitchen on the stool eating it all….mmmmm.  Now, quit laughing, it is not funny…or maybe it is. Anyway, have a great night hopefully eating something that is so delicious it makes you smile!

Spooktacular Halloween…

The boys love Halloween!  So do I for that matter and I am not sure why.  Maybe it is that it starts the holiday season, maybe because I always looked forward to Halloween as a kid because I knew my birthday was just a few days away after trick-or-treating was done, or maybe it is just fun to dress up and knock on people’s doors!  Who knows but we love it for the fun of being with friends and family for sure!  For the past few years we have had chili, hot cider and caramel apples here at the house for our family and then head out (usually in the rain!).  This year is no exception!  My oldest keeps asking to go to the dollar store to get more decorations.  He wants some skeletons. “You know that skeletons are dead people’s bones….”  Ah, the mind of a 6 year old boy.  Anyway, to get you in the mood here is a card for some inspiration.  I have a headache tonight so I am not going to list all the supplies but if you have any questions just leave a comment!  Have a spooktacular week!

One Stop Shopping tomorrow…

If you would like to come and get some holiday shopping done for your family or yourself please join me at the home of Kristen Campbell:

7730 14th st SE
Lake Stevens, WA
There will be many representatives there to cater to your needs including Stampin’ UP! (that is me), Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Jewelry, quilters, and more!  We will open at 11 and go until 4.  Would love to see you!  I have some pre-made items for sale and will be booking for workshops in October and November.  If you have any questions you can call me at 425-359-5294 or email me at 
See you tomorrow!

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