Holiday Tags and kids

water buffalo donation          
Hi everyone!
The boys and I have been traveling the world!  We have made a globe, studied climates, visited China, South Korea, and next we will go to Japan! Each week we learn about a different country.  We learn about the people, climate, crafts, foods, animals, ect!  We are all having fun globe trotting!  As we learn about our world we are also learning that not everyone is as fortunate as we are!  There are people near and far that struggle just to have a meal each day and many children don’t have enough money to even go to school.  A few years ago my Mom brought to my attention the non-profit organization the Heifer International.  You can view their site here for more detailed information.  A big part of our world studies are the animals of the countries.  My boys love animals!  This organization gifts animals to families helping people obtain a sustainable source of food and income.  So why am I writing to you?  The boys want to donate funds to Heifer International for some animals!  They also love to make crafts!  An idea was born from there that they could make holiday gift tags and sell them and donate 100% of the profits to Heifer International.  I will be overseeing the production so you will get usable tags…but they will be making them.  We are going to make 10 tags for a donation of $2.  You can order as many as you would like!  Thank you so much for your support for this project!  Everyone will be truly blessed that is involved.  Every dollar will add up and we can make a difference! 
If you have any questions please email!  Happy Holidays!
Grant, Cody, Will and Staci

PS- I will post pictures of some sample tags in a few days…


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