I love the holidays..

and snow!  I love how quiet and clean the snow makes everything feel!  I love that you have an excuse to cuddle up and read how long you want to with your kids because you can’t go anywhere and things that seemed so important can now wait, it is snowing! I love the memories of childhood that the falling snow brings.  (Even if some of the memories involve hidden rocks in snowballs…)  It got me in the mood to work on my Christmas cards and letters.  It is always interesting to me to sit down and write our letter.  This year I wrote it a little differently than years past.  I am doing a much simpler card than years past as well.  I think that is my theme right now, simple.  I am trying hard to streamline and simplify.  Some days I am good at it, not so much others.  My doves went to bed so now I will go too.  Isn’t snuggling when you know it is so cold out a dreamy thought?  Have sweet dreams!


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