Why no posts..

I am feeling relived and thankful today!  What have we been doing for the past two weeks you ask?  (above the normal busy life we have..) Gift tags galore!  We had such a positive response for the tags for that I am so thankful!  It warms my heart that so many of you were willing to help us raise funds for Heifer International!  We made over…………..800, yes I said 800 tags!!!  We are packaging them up today to send out tomorrow.  It has taught us all more than we thought!  We have learned perseverance and the meaning of sacrifice (albeit not very much in comparison to so many other things) for others.  When  the boys had worked for hours on end on the tags and we needed to do more the next day we had the opportunity to talk about what it means to help others and to finish the jobs we started and to fulfill the promises we made!  It is nice to have them done so we can move onto other projects…my christmas cards usually go out the day after Thanksgiving but they are still being worked on as we devoted alot of time to the tags which was first priority.  A quilt that I am making as a gift and so on!  What a fun time of year to have great excuses to craft!

Here are the tags and them ready to go!  We will have some left if anyone what to snatch up the last few!!


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