L Sneak Peak

Does anyone know it was really cold this morning?  You could never tell from the shots of these beauties and gentlemen! 

They were alot of fun to shoot even though by the end none of us could feel our fingers…:)  Enjoy!

Family Album

I did a private scrapbook class last week that was so much fun!  This is what the hostess wanted to create.  They all did a great job and it was a most enjoyable evening (even thought I did have a dickens of a time getting there…) I created this book for my Mom.  With our homeschool program we go on Excursions (field trips) each week.  We have been blessed to have my Mom come on a few of them with us.  I am documenting though days for her in this mini album.  I still have more pages to do but I think she will like it.  I have some sick boys so I am off to snuggle and read.  Have a good weekend!

Sugar or puppy dog tails?

I know little girls are made of sugar and boys puppy dog tails but sometimes I think that my little Cody got a dose of both…Here is our conversation tonight as I was finishing cleaning up after dinner.  Chad and the other two boys were downstairs…

Cody: Momma, I will stay up here with you so you aren’t alone.

Me: Thank you Cody but sometimes it is ok to be alone to think.

Cody: I think about my best friend alot!

Me: Oh, who is your best friend?

Cody: (without hesitation and sincere as can be looks at me..) You.

Love that boy.  He has a heart of gold and thinks of others always.  He can’t sit still to save his life but would give you his shirt off his back if he thought it would help you in anyway. Sugar for sure…

All is quiet..

My house is quiet…for some of you that might not seem like a big deal but here at the Lynch house it is a rare occurrence!  (Which I am glad for!)  All of my boys (including my Doves) are in bed.  I usually try to go to bed with Doves each night but he went to bed a little early to lay down with Will since he has been having hard time going to sleep.  A good excuse to go to bed early anyway you look at it though.  I was struck again today as Grant was climbing up on his bunk how big they are getting so very fast.  I think Grant is going through another growth spurt as he is eating me out of house and home.  Usually it is Cody that eats the most even though he is my skinniest kid!  This is a picture from the C. wedding last week.  Grant was the ring bearer and loved every minute. Here are some reasons why he loved it:

The tux…oh yes, he wanted to wear it to rehearsal and keep it forever.

The attention…said hi to everyone he knew at the wedding with his little chest puffed up.  Super cute.

The important job of having the real rings to carry..ok this one was a little nerve wracking fo Mom…but he did great!

 I fixed his tie once and he looked at me and asked,” Mom, Do I look like a man now?”  He is wanting to grow up so fast and I want to put books on his head to slow it down just a little. .. I am so thankful that Lord has blessed us with three healthy growing boys though  no matter how many ninjas and wrestling matches we have!

Have a wonderful week!  I have a private scrapbooking class on Thursday that has two spots open.  Will be making a family word album with lots of fun embellishments!  Come back tomorrow for a peak at the book and more details!


Do you want FREE Stamps?

Imagine yourself sitting in your crafting area and you look around you…..have beautiful paper, fabric, ink, stamps and other Stampin’ UP! products that you earned for FREE! 
Along with your free products you have:
~ extra cash in the bank
~New friends from the awesome Snips-N-Snails Team
~Recognition from your peers for your great accomplishments
Who wouldn’t want to have all of this?  I am inviting you to come and learn more about Stampin’ UP! and the opportunities that becoming a part of my team provides!  It is just going to be a fun night of food, make-n-takes, and fun!  Please come on Tuesday, February 8th  at 7:00p.m. for a great night!  (Even if you want to come just for the make-n-takes, come!) You can bring your friends too!  Please RSVP so I can provide your stamping project!  If you have any questions please let me know! 

I will leaave you with some creative inspiration again for the sample boards at Leadership..have I told you I love Stampin’ UP!?  LOL!

These use the spinners from the new occasions mini catalog!  So much fun!

Growing Up

My baby is growing up.  He is now “almost” potty trained, talking more and more each day, and pretty much just turning into a big boy.  It is bittersweet, I will not miss buying diapers but I will miss so many other things about the baby stage.  We are excited to moving into the next no diaper stage of parenting for each day has its own blessings and joys!  Now, if we could just get rid of the bobbie…AKA pacifier, the last baby item..who needs it more Mommy or him?

Leadership Swaps

Here are a few of my favorite valentine leadership swaps…