Sugar or puppy dog tails?

I know little girls are made of sugar and boys puppy dog tails but sometimes I think that my little Cody got a dose of both…Here is our conversation tonight as I was finishing cleaning up after dinner.  Chad and the other two boys were downstairs…

Cody: Momma, I will stay up here with you so you aren’t alone.

Me: Thank you Cody but sometimes it is ok to be alone to think.

Cody: I think about my best friend alot!

Me: Oh, who is your best friend?

Cody: (without hesitation and sincere as can be looks at me..) You.

Love that boy.  He has a heart of gold and thinks of others always.  He can’t sit still to save his life but would give you his shirt off his back if he thought it would help you in anyway. Sugar for sure…


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