M family peaks

A beautiful fall day at Lord Hill Farms!  Enjoy your weekend!



Mellor Sneak Peak

I had the privilege to shoot the M family last week.  We had a few things going against us…weather (it started raining half way through our shoot) and it was after school at the end of a long week!  I did have three cute girls and a daddy to have fun with though! 

My sweet new niece..

Here is a little sneak peak…I got the privilege and honor to capture my sweet little niece today on camera.  She is a doll and we are so blessed to have her in our family!  I will love to edit the rest of the shoot!  A big thank you to J for watching my three rowdy littles during the shoot.  He tried a movie….but they ended up in the back yard building a fire in the fire pit!  They all (well probably not J) loved it!!!